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MASCA, THE MEDICAL AID SOCIETY OF CENTRAL AFRICA is a society that is very conscious of serving its members with pride, diligence and efficiency.
The society is prepared to stand by you every step of the way to ensure that your treatment plans are undertaken professionally through our managed care department and that your claims are paid, promptly.
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New Masca Benefits

The Hospital Cash back plan

Masca pays a benefit of US$20.00 per day after 72 hours of continuous hospitalization.

The maximum payout is 30 days per event and 60 days per year however the policy has some exclusions including:

1. Maternity

2. Dental

3. Cosmetic

4. Pain management

Funeral cover benefit

Masca members are now eligible for a funeral cover benefit of US$800.

In the event of a member’s passing, a benefit of US$800.00 will be paid out. The claim will be submitted to our MASCA offices. However, please note that there are specific exclusions to this benefit. Claims will not be paid out in cases of:

1. Fraudulent or dishonest claims

2. Insurrection or Civil Commotion

3. War

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HAC Medical Evacuation

Our exciting new partnership between MASCA and HAC Medical, provides you with unparalleled access to world-class air and road ambulance rescue services. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to enhancing the safety and well-being of our members.

If there is an emergency:

1. Call +263 8677004216

2. State your name and phone number

3. State your location

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